David and I are two Chinese Americans living in New Jersey. Both of us work full time and neither was much good at cooking when we first met (or arguably even now! ^.^ )  We had a lot of fun learning how to cook together – we ate, read, experimented, argued (a lot), tweaked and occasionally had stomach aches. We are certainly not professionals but we think we make pretty good food at home, or at lease, we have came a long way from where we started! v(^.^)

This blog is about what we have learned – and continue to learn – about how to make good Chinese food at home.

We get our recipes from a combination of our family and friends, our memories, cookbooks (English and Chinese), internet videos (English, Cantonese and Mandarin), and recreating dishes we ate at restaurants.  David’s family is from Guangdong, Southern China and my family is from Central and Northern China.  Each of us have learned many things we didn’t know from each other’s family traditions. So on this blog, you will find recipes from all around China instead of any particular region.

There are many, many great cooking blogs out there.   Many of the Chinese ones will teach you recipes which are more tradition, more authentic or even more artistic.  Our hope for this blog is that you find the recipes and tips here helpful and useful in your cooking.  If we can make great Chinese food at home, you can too!

David likes to tell me that great food is important because it transcends: sharing a good meal can be the glue that keeps a family together; cooking for someone is the warmest way to show caring; recipes pass down through the generations is tradition; and eating something good is the most essential of simple pleasures.

I just think cooking at home is fun because you can experiment and customize…

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