Jars in the Fridge

I use to joke with my friends that my parents’ fridge is always half filled with mysterious jars of unknown things.  Now I have my own place, my fridge is just the same! >.< Except now I know what the jars contain…

About a year ago, David and I moved into a new apartment and we bought a bunch of quart size Ball wide mouth glass jars (the kind with the metal twist-off top).  We use them to store large batches of broth or stew we make on the weekends.  We found the broth (or soup or stew) stays good for a long time in these jars – a few weeks usually! If the broth has a lot of gelatin in it, the broths solidifies and it is good as long as it is solid. We always smell to double check, but we haven’t had to throw any jars away.

I like the fact the jars are glass and you don’t have to worry about chemicals from plastic containers.  The jars vacuum seal as it cools down. We know they are food grade and can handle hot liquid.  We have used the jars over and over and over again.  They are really easy to wash and 1 jar holds just enough soup for the two of us.

Before we store any broth, we make sure the glass jars are dry (I usually microwave them for a 1 min to dis-infect) before using.  We pour the broth in while it is still hot and seal the jars immediately.  We store the jars in the fridge. If the broth is oily, we don’t skim off the oil but allow it to form a layer on top as extra protection. When we are ready to eat, we usually remove any fat on top – if it is pork or beef soup, the fat is usually solid.  Then we can microwave the soup directly in the jar or cook it over stop top as base for soup or vegetable dishes.

Give them a try! ^.^

I will post a slow cooker oxtail stew recipe in a week or so (just waiting for us to make it again) and how to turn it into a quick dinner. I always make sure we have at least one jar of it in the fridge!

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