Make Milk Tea at Home

Milk tea (hot or iced) is a common drink in pan-asian restaurants, cafes, or grocery stores. Frequently, you can get it with tapioca for the ubiquitous bubble tea. If you never had it, it is tea with milk and sugar added.  Kind of like Indian Chai, but milder and without the spices.

I love the taste of milk tea in cafes but I don’t like how most places make it with powder creamers and they add too much sugar. For literally YEARS I have tried to make this at home with any kind of tea I can get my hands on.  However, I was never, ever able to get the flavor right until I found this:


That’s right – for the best tasting (and dare I say authentic HK style) milk tea, you will need – drum roll – Lipton… Notice, however this isn’t regular Lipton tea but its “Yellow Label Orange Pekoe” flavor.

To make the milk tea, just seep 1 tea bag in 1 cup of very hot water for 1 minute and then add milk or cream or whatever milk substitute you like and/or sugar to taste.   For an ice milk tea version, I use 2 tea bags for 1/2 cup of hot water, then mix in sugar, milk, then ice. (It is important to dissolve the sugar in the hot tea as it doesn’t dissolve well in cold water.)

The milk tea you get from this is really good – super mellow but so flavorful. Even with skim milk, it tastes amazing. Trust me, don’t bother with any other brands of tea.

Now, where can you get some  of this Orange Label/magic Lipton?  I have never seen any in regular grocery stores or even an organic/upscale store.  I have seen it in every Indian grocery store I have been to and one or two Chinese grocery stores .  You can also buy it online from Amazon or Jet.  They come in a box with 100 tea bags.  It costs around $5 – $6 per box in stores by me.

Get some and enjoy! (I am not getting any kickback from recommending this… It is just too good to keep to myself! ^.^)


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